360 Omnichannel Marketing

What is 360 Marketing, and How Can You Build A Comprehensive Strategy?*

A 360 marketing plan is an integrated campaign with focused messaging across multiple points of customer contact, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile apps. When you connect with TCM you will get to see firsthand how we provide this for our clients.

TCM’s three-phase approach takes you through individual tasks in designing a consumer-based marketing program.

Through TCM’s data-driven process you will be able to see an immediate response from the targeted messaging, making sure no strategic communications media used by your customer’s is missed. TCM will make sure your brand is shown where your customers are, both at the point of sale and at the point of need.


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For A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy, Do These Five Things*

What is digital marketing? MailChimp, the premier expert in email marketing, defines digital marketing as “any marketing that uses electronic devices to convey promotional messaging and measure its impact. In practice, digital marketing typically refers to marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device.”

Companies are shifting their focus to make sure their content is being delivered across all digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Is your company doing what is needed to make sure you have a winning digital marketing strategy?

TCM’s winning strategies start by taking the time to understand your market with a clear definition of your target customer and where they spend their time on digital platforms, then optimize the spending to get the desired results.

TCM employs the full-stack of digital marketing services to grow your customer base, expand into new markets, and improve marketing productivity. We base digital marketing strategies on data-driven insights and then select the communications objectives that maximize marketing’s ROI for a given media budget. We help clients optimize their search engine marketing and manage their social media marketing campaigns using analytics about the brand’s target customer and strategic value proposition.


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What is Omnichannel Marketing? Definition, tips, and examples*

“Omnichannel marketing is the integration and cooperation of the various channels organizations use to interact with consumers, with the goal of creating a consistent brand experience. This includes physical (e.g., stores) and digital channels (e.g., websites). The goal of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to create a convenient, seamless user experience for consumers that offers many opportunities for fulfillment”

Omnichannel marketing focuses on ensuring the consumer has a positive and consistent experience on each channel by using three key elements:

  1. Consistent, identifiable brand image and positioning
  2. Personalized messaging based on specific key words
  3. Content that is relevant to the current stage of the buyer’s journey

If this sounds like multichannel marketing, there is a difference.

Multichannel marketing simply is the ability to distribute content and advertisements across multiple platforms.

Omnichannel also makes brands accessible across online and offline channels; however, it goes a step further to ensure an integrated, seamless experience.

So what are the benefits of using an omnichannel approach?

  1. A better user experience
  2. Cohesive brand strategy & identity
  3. Increased revenue
  4. Better attribution data

TCM uses the research as part of its Strategic Understanding phase to inform the messaging and channel mix decision that optimize the customer’s brand experience using omnichannel marketing as part of Phase 2 in TCM’s full-stack process. While many small companies may use only a few of the possible channels, such as email marketing and search engine marketing, they can still take advantage of omnichannel marketing’s benefits.


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Thinking beyond digital to get to true omnichannel marketing*

Omnichannel is the favorite buzzword right now in the digital marketing industry. Everyone says they’re selling omnichannel solutions, everyone’s tech stack is omnichannel, everyone’s favorite new cocktail is an omnichannel mix. It’s the new big thing.

What is omnichannel marketing?

It’s simply marketing focused on delivering a consistent, personalized, end-to-end experience for consumers. It’s best-in-class branding. The practice of creating a great end-to-end experience for a consumer.

At the heart of TCM’s omnichannel marketing strategy is the customer’s decision journey. TCM’s ability to determine an individual customer’s “digital identity” enables us to implement personified messaging that is seamlessly unified across social media, search engines, display ads and email marketing campaigns for 360 omnichannel integration.


*Read the article: https://adage.com/article/miq/how-brands-can-chart-path-true-omnichannel-marketing/2375831