In the fall of 2017 Professor Bill Jolley and several marketing students at Norwich University began providing digital marketing services to local small businesses in Vermont as part of an internship program  under the auspices of the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation (CVEDC). The concept of the three circles, as depicted in the diagram below, was informed by research. A couple sources we used for developing the construct were “The Pyramid Principle” by Barbara Minto and Peter Block’s “Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.”

The internship program was so successful there was the demand to offer it as a separate service to continue helping small businesses with their digital marketing needs. A LLC called Three Circles Marketing (TCM) was formed by Bill and two graduates of the internship program as partners. A new brand identity was designed by Francesca Maida using three circles to represent the three phases of TCM’s full-stack of digital marketing services.

Something we discovered early on was that the principle of Performance = Strategy + Execution was unique among Vermont’s marketing consultancies. We saw that many of our competitors were formed by practitioners from related fields who entered marketing attracted by the technology. Our competitive advantage arose from this migration as entrepreneurs became absorbed in the explosion of executional technologies siloed by use cases thus losing sight of the very thing that marketing is – Strategy + Execution!

TCM’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in Vermont succeed.