Strategic Messaging That Gets Results

Three Circles MarketingTCM bases all its projects on the marketing principle, Performance = Strategy + Execution. TCM recognizes that different marketing strategies can have different future values or NPV of the operating profits generated over the planning horizon called the “Strategy Effect.” Also, that the returns from the efficiency and effectiveness of implementing a strategy yield an “Execution Effect.” To realize the performance benefits of both effects, initiatives must be founded on sound data-drive insights. This is why we try to obtain as thorough an understanding as possible of a business’ market, customers, competitors, and brands before developing the SOW in the discovery meeting.

In the initial discovery meeting, we meet with our clients to discuss the project’s scope of work, establish timelines, and gather all documents necessary to start the project. Our projects are divided into three phases – thus the name Three Circles Marketing.

All projects have a sequence of three phases – Strategic Understanding, Omnichannel Marketing, and Financial Results. Each phase is made up of individual tasks for designing a customer-centric digital marketing program. Projects can cover one or all three of the phases depending on the scope of work as defined in the proposal. 

In established companies, often we find that businesses may have identified a “presenting problem” but not the root cause(s) of underperforming strategies. In these cases, TCM will recommend a Strategy Diagnostic Analysis to uncover the drivers of low performance and quantify the size and identify the root cause(s) of the problem.

The scope of work for most projects involves acquiring and/or accessing existing data for analysis and insights using NDAs as necessary, prioritizing and testing executable solutions, and designing digital marketing programs with financial metrics. Regularly scheduled executive presentations are made covering the progress to date and specific steps for the next phase of the project.

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  • Customer Problem
  • Market Definition
  • Industry Competition
  • Market Demand
Three Circles Marketing


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Decision Journey
Three Circles Marketing


  • Brand Blueprint
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
Three Circles Marketing


  • Performance Objectives
  • Target Segments
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Digital Communication Channels
Three Circles Marketing


  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Business Performance Pro Forma
  • Analyses for Investor Pitch (Optional)
Three Circles Marketing

Three Circles MarketingFINAL REPORT: During this meeting we will review all of the materials that have been completed for the project and answer any questions or remaining concerns. At the conclusion of the meeting the client will be given a binder that includes all research and analyses, meeting presentations, and campaign execution instructions.

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