• BUILD LONG TERM VALUE FOR YOUR COMPANY WITH TCM’S MARKETING STRATEGIES.  TCM uses financial statements to estimate the net present value of alternative marketing plans. Marketing campaigns then focus on driving growth of revenue streams with the highest profit potential.
  • ACQUIRE, MONETIZE, AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS BASED ON RESEARCH-BACKED AND EXPERIMENTALLY TESTED EXECUTABLE SOLUTIONS. Customer response experiments target audience segments based on lifestyle interests, product preferences and purchase behaviors to prioritize alternative campaigns’ impact on both your home page and your front door. Messaging experiments test both channel and topic to identify the most effective combination for building engagement and customer growth.
  • BUILD OWNABLE BRANDED VALUE PROPOSITIONS THAT ARE BASED ON SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES. Value propositions motivate your customers and differentiate your brand from its competition to attract visitors and convert them to customers.
  • MANAGE FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY WITH MARKETING THAT HAS TARGETED EFFECTIVENESS AND FINANCIAL RETURNS. Investment return marketing starts with your business model to keep you within budget and meeting growth objectives. Transparent and integrated data analytics allow you to monitor the ROI you are getting from the campaign, so you focus on strategy KPIs that matter, not just the “vanity metrics.”
  • BRAINSTORM VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL MARKET EXPANSION OPPORTUNITIES WITH GROWTH TEAM IDEATION SESSIONS. Partner with TCM’s web engineers, data scientists, creative designers and digital marketing experts to innovate growth initiatives beyond your competition.

Our Services

TCM offers a full-stack of strategic marketing services to compliment your team with marketing technologies  businesses need to grow revenue:

  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Includes paid search ads to content marketing automation to WP websites.
  • MARKETING ANALYTICS: Includes insights from customer data to brand perceptual maps to natural language processing.
  • EXECUTABLE SOLUTIONS: Includes new product initiatives to digital marketing campaigns to strategic pricing.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Includes marketing plans to pitch decks to new business growth ventures.
  • FINANCIAL RESULTS: Includes ROI analysis to marketing contribution metrics to net present values.

Building Your Business

Three Circles Marketing has the know-how to take your business to its next level. Whether you are thinking about starting a new business or managing one for generations, TCM has the full stack of digital marketing technologies. Our system is most successful when applied to B2C companies that face challenges from customer acquisition to customer retention. Our process and expertise will work along with your internal growth team on key initiatives.

Financial Results

We manage uncertainty by making sure from the very beginning that what we recommend will be both affordable and sufficient while at the same time staying focused on your ROI objectives – a benefit you won’t find with other digital marketing consultants in Vermont. We know whether a campaign is worth it – before you launch it! Your in-house marketing team can then use specific implementation instructions to execute a solution that delivers financial results, not just more vanity metrics.

Deep Dive Analytics

We help clients optimize the brand effects of their digital marketing campaigns using analytics about the brand’s target customer and strategic value proposition. Our recommendations are based on proven marketing principles such as customer lifetime value, behavioral targeting, and cognitive neuroscience. We base digital marketing strategies on integrated data-driven insights that inform communication objectives and maximize strategy KPIs on a given media budget.

TCM is the only digital marketing firm in Vermont to partner with Qualtrics for access to sophisticated survey analytics in order to gain unique insights into your brand’s customers, markets and competitors. To troubleshoot any part of your plan that is under performing, TCM reviews your web analytics data using tools such as SEMrush, Similarweb, Talkwalker, and Google Analytics.

Pricing & Timing

TCM offers two levels of service to meet your business development needs: TCM Pro for $15,000 covering all three phases of the full-stack and TCM Basic for $10,000 that includes any two sections of the Market Environment from Phase 1 and Omni-channel Marketing from Phase 2 covering dynamic search ads, search engine optimization, social media content marketing, or email marketing. The complete Phase 2 alone can be purchased for $7,000. TCM Pro takes eight weeks from start to finish and TCM Basic takes six weeks.

TCM can also customize an ad hoc project with a more limited scope of work to match your needs and budget. Click on the Request A Proposal page for developing a proposal. We have technical assistants that specialize in WordPress website design and administration, e-commerce, branding logo design, and data analytics whose services are priced separately.

Regardless of the service level you choose, TCM begins all of its projects with a strategic understanding of your company, your competitors and your consumers. That insight is then used to inform a digital marketing campaign for incremental growth.