Three Circles Marketing: A Strategic Marketing Consultancy

TCM combines market intelligence, digital marketing, and financial analysis to help Vermont businesses achieve profitable growth in line with their mission and values.

In Vermont, For Vermont.

Three Circles Marketing: What We Do


Three Circles Marketing works with small businesses to identify their marketing needs. After researching your market, your competition, and your customers TCM articulates the competitive value advantage that will sustain long-term business growth. By aligning your brand’s competitive value advantage with your target audience, our campaigns build a brand value proposition that increases customer engagement and drives business growth


Three Circles Marketing develops customized digital marketing campaigns that combine customer-driven insights with AI-generative content (optional) and KPI metrics across multiple devices and platforms. Our strategic approach ensures maximum impact and engagement within the customer’s decision journey to drive sales growth and tangible financial returns. Using a breath of application technologies such as SEO, email marketing, content generation, and social media management, we strategically coordinate the various elements of a campaign to meet predetermined financial objectives to create a lasting connection with your audience, leading to increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.


At Three Circles Marketing we provide customized financial solutions that help businesses to profitably achieve their growth objectives. TCM starts with a gross margin target return to determine the amount of “force” or demand potential needed from a platform’s reach and conversion parameters to achieve the targeted incremental sales. Our impressions model calculates the return on the marketing that meets the gross margin target return percentage. What does this mean for you – more customers with greater LTV.

Building Your Business

At TCM, we make the steep learning curve small businesses face to master digital marketing in today's highly competitive world - simple, quick, and easy. Our phased approach sets a clear path to success beginning with understanding your unique business needs, researching your competitors and customers, structuring the campaign that’s right for you, and assessing the financial impact. Our extensive practical business experience and our proven strategic process discover new pathways for growth. Let us be your partner in achieving your success.